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Paper Submission

Paper submission closed up. See "Notice for Authors" on the scientific program page.

"CrSJ Poster Prize" will be held from 2005

Deadline(by Mail): Sep. 30, 2005.by e-mail: Oct. 7, 2005
Deadline for resume: Fri. Oct. 21,2005 Please Read "How to prepare resume manuscript".
Advanced Registration: eadline November 11 (Fri)

Submission by e-mail is recommended.

Paper sumbmission will be recieved without distinction of oral or poster presentation.
If authors wish to submit as poster presentation, please notify at the 11th item in the submission form.

Poster Prize

The CrSJ awards to the best poster presentaion from a presenting author who is a menber of CrSJ and under 35 year old on May 31, 2005. Authors are requested to fill the 11th and 12th items in the submission form.

Submission by Mail (Fri. Sep. 30, 2005)

Please fill a registration form (included in 4th issue of CrSJ Journal) and send to:

2005 Program Committee, Crystallographic Society of JAPAN
c/o Dr. Naoki Shibata
Graduate School of Life Science.
University of Hyogo
Kouto 3-2-1, Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun,
Hyogo 678-1297

Submission by E-Mail (Fri. Oct. 7, 2005)

crsj@sci.u-hyogo.ac.jp(Dr. Naoki Shibata
  1. Category:A1-B2-C3
  2. Name of Applicant:播磨次郎
  3. Zip code: 678-1297
  4. Mail Address: 兵庫県赤穂郡上郡町光都3-2-1
  5. Name of Institute for mail address:兵庫県立大学 大学院物質理学研究科
  6. e-mail address:harimataro@sci.u-hyogo.ac.jp
  7. Title:白金錯体の光励起状態の放射光構造解析(up to 60 Kanji character)
  8. Affiliation:兵庫県大院物質
  9. Author(s)' name in KANJI:○播磨次郎・兵庫太郎
  10. Author(s)' name in HIRAGANA:はりまじろう・ひょうごたろう
  11. Note:(If you wish to have a poster other than an oral presentation, please note here.)
  12. Entry of CrSJ Poster Prize 2005:Yes(with date of birth)/No (If you want to entry the CrSJ Poster Prize, please say "yes" and put your date of birth here.)
  13. title in English:Synchrotron Radiation Crystallography of Photo-Excited Sate of Platinum Complex
  14. Affilication in English:Grad. School of Material Science, Univ. of Hyogo
  15. Author(s)' name in English:Jiro Harima and Taro Hyogo
  16. Synopsys:(About 100 chars.)


1) Category: select from group A, B, and C, each.

Group A Group B Group C
A1:Organic B1:Single Crystal C1:Structure Analysis
A2:Inorganic B2:Powder C2:Characterization,
A3:Synthetic polymer or macromolecule B3:Non-crystalline C3:Method, Apparatus
A4:Biomacromolecule B4:Thin-film C4:Software
A5:other B5:other C5:other

(example) for "Studies of structural properties of organic single crystal: A1-B1-C2

2)The title lengh is less than 60 KANJI Character. Expression of subscript, superscript, itallic, greek, angstrom, should be represent according to LaTex formats
(example)Mn$^{2+}$のMnCl$_{2}$中における挙動, comparing to {\it ab initio}$method, におけるX線小角散乱法。

3) Abbribation may be used for affilation, separated by "・".

4) Authors are separated by"・". The presentation auther should be indicated by "◯(circle)" preceded the neme.


Deadline : Send by mail before October 21(Fri), 2005.

Mail address
2005 Program Committee, Crytallography Society of JAPAN
c/o Dr. Yoshiki OZAWA
Graduate School of Material Science,
Kouto 3-2-1, Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun,
Hyogo 678-1297
TEL: 0791-58-0153、FAX: 0791-58-0154

  1. Use Landscape A4 size with 2.5 cm margin at each side.
  2. The title should be started from the first line. Authors name and affilation should be started from the third line. A blank line is followed by the text with two-column set. Each column is separated by 1 cm. Figures and tables should be included in the text area.
  3. The title and authors line should be indented by 4 cm to keep printing area of Program Number.

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