E-mail or Postal mail is used for submission. E-mail is our preferred preferred Information of your presentation (schedule and poster/oral) is noticed by the postcard you send with abstract printing. Also, the Kessyou Gakkai-shi No.5 and this web site present the program information. If you prefer poster presentation, please specify it as a remark.


  • Submission by postal mail  Sep. 28(Sept)  By e-mail  Oct. 5(Fri.)
  • Abstract Oct. 19(Fri.)
  • Early registration Nov. 12(Mon.)

Submission by email (Oct. 5)




Items (example)

  • Field: (3)Biology
  • Class: A4-B1-C1
  • Name: Taro TOKODAI
  • Zip: 152-8551
  • Address: 12-1, Ookayama 2, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  • Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • e-mail: taro@sci.tokodai.ac.jp
  • Title: X-ray analysis of non-discriminating AspRS, which recognizes two different tRNAs (60 char. length)
  • Affiliation: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Names: O Taro TOKODAI, Jiro OOKA
  • Reading: Taro Tokodai and Jiro Ookayama
  • Remarks: Preference of poster or oral presentation.
  • Poster award (date of birth, society member number): (If you apply the award, please fill here)
  • Presentaion: Own PC (presentation facility)
  • Title in English: X-ray analysis of non-discriminating AspRS, which recognizes two different tRNAs
  • Affiliation in English: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Names: Taro Tokodai and Jiro Ookayama
  • Short abstract: 100 chars. length


  • Field: (1)Physics and Mineralogy, (2)Chemistry, (3)Biology
  • Class:
Group A Group B Group C
A1: Organic B1: Single crystal C1: Structure analysis
A2: Inorganic B2: Powder C2: Function
A3: Synthetic polymer B3: non-crystal C3: method
A4: Bio polymer B4: thin layer C4: software
A5: Other B5: Other C5: Other

(Example) Functional study of organics based on single crystal structure analysis: A1-B1-C2

  • Title length is less than 60 characters. superscript, subscript, italic, greek, Angstrome are LATEX.
    (Example) Mn$^{2+}$ in MnCl$_{2}$behavior by¥textit{ab initio}method using$¥lambda$=1.5¥AAX-ray SAX.
  • Affiliation is in short format. Please separate by a center dot.
  • Presenter is indicated by a circle character and other names are separated by a central dot character.
  • Title, affiliation, and names are also written in English.
  • Preference of poster presentation is written in the remarks section. Poster award
  • Applicant also fill the date of birth and society member number.
  • Presentation facility: Your own PC or prepared PC

By postal mail (Sep. 28)

Use application sheet in the society journal vol.49 No.3


CrSJ2007 program committee
152-8551 2-12-1 H51, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Kunio Takayanagi

Abstract deadline (Oct. 19)

Attention for abstract

  • Filled and stamped postcard (Society journal vol.49 No.3) should be also attached.
  • Camera ready printed abstract is accepted via postal mail.
  • The abstract is de-maginified (50% area).
  • Please see the example below.

How to compile

  • A4 paper, landscape, no hand write.
  • 2.5 cm margin for up, down, left, right.
  • 1st line is title, 3rd is name and affiliation. Text is two column format after one blanc line. Column separation is 1cm. Figures are included in this are.
  • Left of title is 4cm blanc space

Address for abstract

152-8551 2-12-1 H63, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tomoji OZEKI
E-mail address for query: crsj2007@cms.titech.ac.jp

Poster award


Younger than 35 years old on the day of May 31st. A member of the society who present poster in the meeting.


Fill the remarks of application sheet.

Selection and commendation

Present the poster on the 1st day. The award is announced in the general assembly and commended in the party.