2016 IUCr Cystal growing competition のご案内

The second edition of the worldwide IUCr Crystal Growing Competition for Schoolchildren in 2015 was again a great success with 85 submitted videos, many of an amazingly high standard. If not yet done, have a look at the winning videos at the following site and enjoy, please.


The third edition is now launched and will accept video entries throughout the year, with a closing date of 20 November 2016. We would like you to encourage all the participants in your local crystal growing competitions to submit a video diary or interpretation to the IUCr competition.

Please advertise the IUCr competition on your own website, using the competition badge found at


and linking to


Once you have set up such a link, please let us know and we will list your event on the IUCr competition web site. In this way we can build up a global network of competitions, allowing you to share ideas and allow your students to see other groups growing different crystals, under different conditions, and in different lands and languages!

We wish you a successful competition and are looking forward to receive high quality videos from your country.

Best regards,

Luc Van Meervelt
Michele Zema