Journal of Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 60 (4), 2018.
- Table of Contents -
Current Topics in Crystallography
Current Development of Local Structure Analysis Using PDF Technique Kunihisa SUGIMOTO 159
Observation of Magnetic Ordering in Multiferroic SmMn2O5 by Resonant X-ray Scattering Yuta ISHII 161
Controlling Magnetic Anisotropy of an Itinerant Ferromagnetic Oxide through Atomic Level Structural Engineering Daisuke KAN 163
Functions and Biosynthetic Systems of Iron-Sulfur Clusters Kei HIRABAYASHI 165
Review Article
Phase-shift Reconstruction Method in Electron Holography Hiroto KASAI, Tetsuya AKASHI, Keishin OTA and Ken HARADA 168
Frontiers in Chirality Measurements
Crystal Chirality Identified by Circular Polarized X-rays in Resonant X-ray Diffraction Yoshikazu TANAKA 177
Crystallographic and Magnetic Chirality in Chiral Helimagnetic CsCuCl3 Yusuke KOUSAKA 185
Development of Chiroptical Spectrophotometers which can Measure Condensed Phases Reiko KURODA 191
Development of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Circular-Dichroism Spectrophotometer Using Synchrotron Radiation and Structural Analysis of Biomolecules Koichi MATSUO 200
Crystallography Forum
In Memoriam of Professor Alexander F. Moodie (1923-2018) Masami TERAUCHI and Kenji TSUDA 209
Exchange Striction Yuta ISHII 210
Circular Polarization, Chirality, Polarization Dependence Yoshikazu TANAKA
Circular Dichroism, Stokes Vector, Mueller Matrix Reiko KURODA
Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory, Couette Flow, β2-Microglobulin Koichi MATSUO