Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 59 (4), 2017.
-Table of Contents-
Current Topics in Crystallography
Contributions of Howard D. Flack to the X-ray Crystallography Shigeru OHBA 139
Lattice Preferred Orientation Analyses Using 2-dimensional Diffraction Patterns and its Implication for Earth and Planetary Sciences Yusuke SETO 143
Local Crystal Structure Analysis of Inorganic Compounds Using Transmission Electron Microscopyy Toru ASAKA and Daisuke URUSHIHARA 145
Trends in Methods for Accelerating Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins Eiichi MIZOHATA 147
Introduction to Symmetry and Group Theory
3. Miller Indices, Laue Indices and the Reflection Conditions Massimo NESPOLO 150
Review Articles
Detailed Structure Analyses of Inhomogeneous Amorphous Silicon Monoxide Akihiko HIRATA, Shinji KOHARA, Hideto IMAI and Mingwei CHEN 159
Structural Biology of the Bacterial Heme Acquisition and Transport Systems Hiroshi SUGIMOTO 166
Structural Biology and Drug Discovery on Protein Kinases Takayoshi KINOSHITA 174
Development of Quasi-Microgravity Environment for Protein Crystallization Akira NAKAMURA, Kei HIRABAYASHI and Masaru TANOKURA 182
Crystallography Forum
Experience Note of the sixth Training Course esymmetryf and egroup theoryf Hiromasa FUJII 188
Pseudomerohedral Twin Toru ASAKA 189
Heterogeneous Amorphous, Angstrom-Beam Electron Diffraction Method Akihiko HIRATA
Heme, Heme Sensor, Serratia Species Hiroshi SUGIMOTO
Marangoni Convection Akira NAKAMURA
CrSJ News 191