Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 59 (2)-(3), 2017.
-Table of Contents-
Introduction to Symmetry and Group Theory
Hierarchy and Classification of Space Groups Massimo NESPOLO 51
Review Articles
Elucidation of the Mechanism of the Water-Splitting and Oxygen-Evolving Reaction of Photosystem II in Photosynthesis by X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis Using Synchrotron Radiation Nobuo KAMIYA and Jian-Ren SHEN 64
Structural Study on the Gas Adsorption Phenomena in Porous Coordination Polymers by Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Method Yoshiki KUBOTA 72
Structural Studies of Supramolecular Complexes for Energy Transduction in Biological Systems Genji KURISU 81
Tutorial Article
Electron 3D Crystallography of Protein Structures and Refinement of Charges Koji YONEKURA and Saori MAKI-YONEKURA 88
Structural Basis for the N-Terminal Capping onto the Ribosomal Peptide by Novel Peptide Ligase PGM1 Takashi MATSUI 96
Structural and Functional Insights into a Photoactivated Adenylyl Cyclase Mio OHKI and Sam-Yong PARK 102
Structure of IZUMO1-JUNO Reveals Sperm-Oocyte Recognition during Mammalian Fertilization Hanako ISHIDA, Umeharu OHTO and Toshiyuki SHIMIZU 108
Mechanism for the Deficiency in Post-Phosphoryl Modification of -Dystroglycan Observed in POMGnT1-Caused Muscular Dystrophy Naoyuki KUWABARA, Ryuichi KATO, Hiroshi MANYA and Tamao ENDO 114
Crystal Structure of the Cohesin Loader Scc2 Sotaro KIKUCHI and Hongtao YU 121
Book Review
Hiroyuki KIMURA 127
Quintet State, Electric Quadrupole Interactio Yoshiki KUBOTA 128
Electron 3D Crystallography Koji YONEKURA
Peptide Antibiotics, Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase, ATP Grasp Motif Takashi MATSUI
Optogenetics Sam-Yong PARK
Mammalian Expression System Naoyuki KUWABARA
Cohesin, Cohesin Loader, Cohesin Releasing Complem Sotaro KIKUCHI
CrSJ News 130