Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 45 (1), 2003
Noritake YASUOKA 1
Special Issue | Break-Through in Protein Crystallography
Break-Through in Protein Crystallography Nobuo KAMIYA, Takaaki NONAKA and Yukio MORIMOTO 2
Part 1DDevelopment of Methodology in Protein Crystal Structure Analysis
Cell-free Protein Synthesis by Wheat Germ Extracts Yuzuru TOZAWA, Tatsuya SAWASAKI and Yaeta ENDO 3 Abstract
Preparation of High Resolution Crystals Based on Crystallogenesis |The Case of Cytochrome c| Mitsuo ATAKA 9 Abstract
Development of Structure Analysis by MAD Method Takashi KUMASAKA and Masaki YAMAMOTO 14 Abstract
Part 2DBreak-Through in Structural Biology
Molecular Mechanisms of Multi-protein Complex Formations on Promoter DNA and Transcriptional Regulations Kazuhiro OGATA 19 Abstract
Structural Biology of Protein Transport Soichi WAKATSUKI 26 Abstract
The Actin Filament: From Complex Structure to Dynamic Properties Yuichiro MAEDA 32 Abstract
Structural Study of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor System as a Molecular Nano-machine Katsumi IMADA, Fadel A. SAMATEY and Keiichi NAMBA 37 Abstract
Part 3DResults and View of Biological Machinery Research
The Ribosome, Translation Machinery Min YAO, Takashi NAKASHIMA and Isao TANAKA 43 Abstract
Structural Analysis of the Baseplate of Bacteriophage T4 and Elucidation of the Infection Mechanism Shuji KANAMARU, Petr LEIMAN and Fumio ARISAKA 48 Abstract
Biological Machinery in Higher-Order Structure Formation System of Proteins Yasuhito SHOMURA and Kunio MIKI 54 Abstract
Crystal Structure Analysis and the Mechanism of Active Transport by the Calcium Pump of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Chikashi TOYOSHIMA and Hiromi NOMURA 60 Abstract
Research on Biological Machinery of Bioluminescence Masaru TANOKURA and Woo-Cheol LEE 66 Abstract
Structural Biology of Dioxygenases in Polychlorinated-biphenyl (PCB) Degradation Pathway Toshiya SENDA and Masao FUKUDA 71 Abstract
Crystal Structure Determination of Biological Macromolecular Assemblies; From Data Collection to Structure Determination Atsushi NAKAGAWA 76 Abstract
Discussion Meeting
Protein Crystallography and Structural Biology in Near Future |A Prospect of Trends| 81
Patterson Correlation Methods, Group Refinement of Temperature Factors Chikashi TOYOSHIMA 90
Morphodrom Mitsuo ATAKA 90
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Bulletin Board 94 BB
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